Interview with Abigail Riggs who plays Dove in Never Have I Ever at BSC

Abigail Riggs

Class of 2021

What was the experience like for you to work on a new play?

It was incredible getting to work on a new show! Personally, I felt as though it gave me the freedom to portray Dove how I felt that they should be without any outside influence. I’ll often look at scenes from shows to help with inspiration and see how they are done, but for this show, I had to rely entirely on personal experiences and other research to truly create and become this unique character.
Why is it important for a character such as Dove to be represented in the play?

Callie (Stephanie Lee) and Dove (Abigail Riggs) in Never Have I Ever at BSC

The first time I read through Never Have I Ever, I was immediately in awe of Dove: I’ve never had the opportunity to play a nonbinary character before! Although the world as a whole is becoming more progressive, it can still be challenging to find good LGBTQ+ representation in media, especially transgender characters (and specifically ones that fall outside of the binary). While Never Have I Ever focuses primarily on eating disorders and body image, there’s something delightful about having a trans character that’s very comfortable with who they are. LGBTQ+ characters can still be in shows without being the forefront, and I strongly believe that casual representation like that is extremely important in normalizing LGBTQ+ people.
What will you take away from this experience that you’ll bring with you in life or your next play?

Jan Rosenberg (Playwright) and Abigail Riggs (Dove)

I’d definitely like to bring some of Dove’s “I-don’t-give-a-fuck” attitude into my own life! They’re such a bright character who is unabashedly themself, which I really admire. As for future performances, I want to be sure take the time to explore a character’s gender and sexuality (and encourage other people to do the same). It’s an incredibly important part of who someone is and I don’t think it should be ignored or avoided.

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